Increasing performance through digitization

Digitization is becoming a key part of our everyday life every day. Both in the private and the business world. A detailed analysis of the Slovenian market reveals that there are a large number of websites with general errors that affect the credibility and professionalism of companies, which in turn affects competitiveness on the domestic market and on foreign soil.By increasing digital competitiveness, we want to influence GDP and thus also prosperity in the coming days of the new era – digitization. With the close cooperation of individual companies in various branches of business in all areas, we can make this a reality.

Digital competitiveness is keeping up with the times.

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An old, badly arranged, or set up website will turn the user away, they will get a bad impression of you. Chances are, that person will never return to your site, let alone purchase a product or service that the company offers.Digitization does not represent only the website, but a wide application in almost all areas of the business process. Digitization of operations presents opportunities for better analytics of the company itself – where the company shines and where improvements are needed. Sometimes this improvement is enough to move a business to the very top of search results, which increases presence – a greater chance that customers will actually find the business they need. The availability of company data and the first impression your customer or potential partner gets are critical to your success.Digitization of business processes for a company means reducing business costs, and reducing time for processes that are time-consuming, but still an important part of the business. These processes are represented by tasks such as sending e-mails, organizing and reviewing business tasks, editing and storing documentation, etc.In our research, we found that the factors listed above include a large number of Slovenian companies, which we believe do not need much to keep up with the times and start competing, not only on the domestic market but also on the foreign market.

The impact of digitization on business

But a bad website is not the only reason to go digital. In the last two years, many companies have lost a lot of traffic due to the Corona crisis or were forced to close their doors. The least affected companies were those that were fully or at least partially digitized before Corona.We must also pay attention to the development of the technologies of the digital world. The development of digitization is bigger, faster, and mostly more expensive every day. Keeping up to date with all the innovations and improvements can be a real nightmare. We believe that this does not have to be the case.With each passing day, we are looking for solutions on how to improve digitalization processes and how to bring these processes closer to companies that are still of the opinion that they do not need it. However, in cooperation with other companies, we believe that finding these solutions would become easier and more accessible to everyone. By raising our business standards, digitization, and optimizing tedious tasks, we can ensure a better tomorrow for all companies and more importantly for our customers. We improve the space for innovation and creation. We improve operations and thus also our economy.Digitization has an indirect effect on its own GDP, as it accelerates economic growth and facilitates the creation of new jobs. It also affects the competitiveness of companies and, of course, the competitiveness of the country as a result.In the EU, they created a declaration with which EU members commit to leading a green digital transformation. Among the other 26 countries, Slovenia also signed this declaration. Green digital transformation is not just about improving technologies but improving the quality of life of the people who use this technology.Slovenia is a transitional economy in the field of digitization. This means that it provides citizens with ubiquitous, affordable, and relatively reliable services, and their use is expanding relatively quickly.

Together we can make a better tomorrow

Let’s work together to make these services even more accessible and reliable. We maintain activities that will ensure a healthier nature, people’s well-being, and the quality of our lives in all areas, both business and personal.Changes start with ourselves and the first steps are the hardest. The creative agency was created with the aim of sharing our knowledge and good practices with others and constantly improving ourselves.You probably have many questions. We only have one. How can we help you? Send us a message. We will be happy to enter into a dialogue with you.


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