The influence of social networks on children’s dreams

When we millennials and older generations were just children, we wanted to become something that most often personified a hero or someone who stands out from the average and is an inspiration to others. Either he was a policeman, a soldier, a doctor, a fireman or an astronaut. But we wanted to do something we liked or something important. Given the development and growth of technology, the top spot of what kids want to become these days is a little different – but still makes sense, all things considered. Should we be worried?

What do children nowadays want to become?

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According to the latest research conducted by the media company The Sun , 75% of children aged 6-17 who were included in the survey answered that they want to become online vloggers or influencers.It showed that more than a third of them would like to be YouTubers and a fifth wanted to work as a blogger or vloggers. But the reason why kids wanted to become YouTubers wasn’t about popularity or the limelight, as only one in 25 kids wanted to be a model and one in six a pop star. Money was not the main motivator either. Instead, nearly a quarter of those surveyed said the creativity of making cool videos was their biggest motivator. This fact can somehow reassure us.If we look at this fact objectively, we can see that the idea of ​​becoming an online influencer or vlogger is not so bad. Nowadays, it is still very easy to become an online vlogger and influencer if you put enough effort into what you do and do what you love. Let’s say we create a personal brand and build a huge following over the years. These followers and the efforts of the past years can be easily monetized with different strategies. This way, we can create a nice monthly income from the comfort of our home, where we do what we like. Is this really bad? We can see that this fact is not a concern, but a good idea for the future.

How are online advances affecting children?

The answer to this question can be very simple, and even at one, it can be very complex. The simple answer to this would be that online progress affects the child in the way that the child’s parent wants or allows. Online progress can be a very good tool for learning innovation, and creativity, and in general, it can have a positive effect on raising a child’s interest and exploring different things.On the other hand, online progress and availability of various things and information without supervision and guidance can be very bad for a child. Most of the time, online progress is like helping a child get a job, either through games or videos. Few parents use online advancements or apps and learning aids to actually teach their children. There are applications that have been proven to have a positive effect on a child’s development and teach him things, thus making our job easier as a parent.How we will use online progress in raising a child and what it offers depends only on us and is also only our responsibility.
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