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Welcome to the Optimisation section! Here you will find the latest resources on what’s involved in optimising your website, digital content and online presence. Optimising your digital content and presence can have a huge impact on your website, making it more attractive to search engines and increasing the visibility of your individual pages for keywords in search results.

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Zakaj je projekt pomemben za SEO in iskalnike?

Why is important for SEO and search engines? is a project founded in 2011 by a group of major search engines, including Google, Microsoft and Yahoo. The project was set up to improve search results and user experience. The project is designed to allow websites to tag their content with tags that search engines can understand and use to better rank and…

Kako uporabiti lokalne ključne besede za povečanje obiska spletne strani?

How to use local keywords to increase website traffic?

A website can only be successful if it is visited. If you want to increase traffic to your website, you need to use appropriate SEO strategies to attract visitors. One way to do this is to use local keywords. Using local keywords can help you attract visitors who are in your vicinity and encourage them…

Kaj je bounce rate

What is bounce rate and what is it for?

Bounce rate is a term used in website and online shop analytics. Bounce rate represents the number of total visitors who have left a website after viewing just one page. Multiply this number by the number of total visits to the page to get the bounce rate percentage. What is the normal bounce rate of…

Search engine optimisation – a necessity or a choice?

There’s always more talk about SEO optimisation and you’ve no doubt heard of it. But before you delve into optimisation planning, it’s important to understand why search engine optimisation is important in the first place. What can good optimisation achieve and what is the real value it adds to a business. Good positioning on search…

Prednosti Google upravitelja oznak

Benefits of Google Tag Manager (GTM)

Most businesses are familiar with Google Analytics, but not with Google Tag Manager (GTM). This feature is available in much the same way as Google Analytics: add a snippet of code to your website, add your Google Analytics tracking ID to GTM, publish to GTM and get started. It’s as simple as that. The main…

Zakaj ne smete pri SEO pozabiti na združevanje podobnih člankov z notranjimi povezavami?

Why should you remember to combine similar articles with internal links when SEOing?

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) has become increasingly important for a successful online business. SEO is a process that involves optimising a website for search in order to increase its visibility on search engines such as Google and Bing. SEO includes various strategies such as content optimisation, keyword optimisation, link optimisation and combining similar articles with…

Kako lahko uporabimo Google Search Console za izboljšanje rezultatov iskanja

How to use Google Search Console to improve search results

Google Search Console is a tool that allows web owners to monitor and optimise their websites for search. The tool allows you to review how your website is performing on search engines like Google and helps you find and fix problems that could affect your online presence. Google Search Console is the best source of…

Optimizacija konverzije na facebook oglasih

Conversion optimisation on Facebook ads

Optimising conversions on Facebook Ads is a key step in achieving success in digital advertising. A conversion refers to an action we want a user to take after viewing our ad, such as buying a product or registering on a website. The goal of conversion optimisation is to increase the number of users who take…

spletni razvoj - zakaj je pomemben
“The goal is to hit the sweet spot of maximum value optimization, where foolish risk is balanced against excessive caution.”
– Steven J. Bowen
  • What is conversion optimisation?

    Conversions are what can be a mirror of your company or of your company's performance to a potential audience. In case you have not done any work on optimising the conversions of the different sales channels themselves, you can expect to benefit a lot in the case of optimizations. A benefit that will be visible in your company's bank account.

  • What is SEO optimisation?

    Are you aware of the latest trends in search engine optimisation (SEO)? Do you know what the last major Google search engine update was? Probably not, and don't worry there's nothing wrong with that. But it's important for your business to keep an eye on the trends and improve every day. Leave this aspect of the business to us, we'll be happy to take it out of your worries.

  • What is speed optimisation?

    You've probably heard the online saying that if a page doesn't load in 3 seconds, there's a good chance that the visitor will leave your website before it even loads. That's why it's increasingly important that your website or online store is as fast as lightning, and then some.

  • What is marketing automation?

    Marketing automation can help us become a more efficient person in our daily work. With marketing automation, you can have a better overview of your entire business, as you can control every step of the process and improve it if necessary. Most importantly, it helps us to take better care of our customers or potential customers.

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