Precise digital marketing

We help you choose the best advertising channel and develop a user experience based on your target customer segment and your market niche. We give priority only to advertising channels that have a good ratio between conversion and price.

Content marketing

Content marketing can be very powerful if we know how to use it. In principle, the essence of content marketing is very simple. It is necessary to deliver the correct article to a specific user at a specific time. Depending on the stage in the sales funnel, this article will be able to offer him a service or lead him to another article in the sales funnel.

Influencer marketing

If you haven’t heard about influencer marketing, then it’s the last time you heard about it. The Slovenian translation could be influencer marketing. The main purpose of influencer marketing is to use people who have great influence on social networks. Social media influencers work best as a supplement to social media ads.

“99% of people don’t market in the year that we are actually living in.”
– Gary Vaynerchuk


Although long-form text content will always have a place in the online marketing world, visual content is gaining a lot of attention and has proven to outperform written content. But why? In our digital age, we have been spoiled with the ease and accessibility of a visual, interactive device at our fingertips. As a result, our brains have actually become more dependent on visual content. 

Precise advertising​

We can provide a personalized experience through the entire sales funnel only when we understand what motivates the consumer to decide on a purchase and what exactly the consumer wants. Precision advertising relies less on creating sales-persuasive ads and more on creating special offers and discounts that more easily attract existing customers.

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Lease of working hours

Are you missing half a person in your project? Do you have an unfinished project that you don’t have time for? We select the most suitable agile freelancers for you, for the task you are looking for. Integrate us easily into your processes.

Case studies

Advertising campaign for the startup platform Zmartup

The impact of social advertising on obtaining start-up capital for the Austrian FinTech platform Zmartup.

 IMPRESSIONS: >3 000 000
 ROSE: 25
 FUNDED: >200.000e

Digitization of cycling routes and footpaths Visit Haloze

We will share with you how we digitized more than 700 km of tourist routes and more than 80 geopoints in Haloze and combined them into a transparent application.


Development of the Domača lekarna brand

How we developed a visual image that has a sense of connection with nature. The influence of brand knowledge on the consumer has been achieved.

 CPM: -17%
 LIFT RATE: +30%

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