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  • Team training according to good agency practices.
  • Code quality analysis and suggestions for improvement.
  • Consulting in the architecture of technological solutions.
  • Analysis and interpretation of data and advice on the implementation of certain tools and processes .
  • BONUS: a virtual workshop for analyzing business decisions and ensuring the quality of services.
  • BONUS: Hidden Shopper, Sales Funnel Analysis and Suggestions.
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Overwhelmed by the technology of your daily operations?

Do you lack an experienced expert in any field in your company who could control the quality of written code, the establishment of Facebook campaigns or the effectiveness of development processes? Someone who could direct the team with experience and spot the roadblock before it gets there?

With the help of a reliable IT consultant, you can regain your competitive edge in today's ever-changing digital environment. Let us help you improve the quality of your IT services.

Samir, CEO of Klimit d.o.o.

“With the Kreativna agency, I completed the desired project and I am more than satisfied. I think that the website and automation at speak for themselves.”

Aleš, CEO of Tridens d.o.o.

“Knowledge has no limits with Kreativna Agency. Their team is reliable, transparent and honest. We came to meeting with challenge and go from it with strategic approach to handle it.

Areas of consultancy

Building a WordPress site

Consulting on page layout processes with visual editors Elementor and Oxygen Builder. Consulting in the development of Gutenberg blocks and custom themes.

Creation of WooCommerce stores

Consulting in the processes of setting up online stores, strategies for improving conversions and integration with different delivery or accounting providers.

WordPress plugin development

Consulting on custom WordPress plugin development processes. Consulting from the creation of the basis for the development of the functionality of the plug-in to security protection against unwanted intrusions.

MVP application development

Consulting in MVP application development processes on Javascript frameworks such as Vue, React and Angular. Consulting on architecture layout to use open source projects to reduce costs.

SEO optimization

Consulting in the processes of SEO optimization of websites and stores. Keyword research, competitive analysis and content strategy. Advice on getting backlinks and technical analysis.

Meta advertising

Consulting on advertising processes on Instagram and Facebook social networks . Campaign planning, reporting to clients, achieving campaign goals and suggestions for optimizing campaign structure and creative testing.

Automation of processes

Consulting on automation processes in an agency or company. Everything from support processes to recording meeting conversations in written form can be automated.

Creative thinking

Innovation is not found with the same approach and thought process that we have. What brought you to your current success is not what is needed for further growth.

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Frequently asked IT questions

We believe that our combination of quality service, experience and customer support make us the perfect choice for any project. We are passionate about providing our customers with the best possible solutions, as evidenced by our 8-year history of successful projects. You can also be assured of our commitment to your project as we strive to build lasting relationships with our clients.

Our fees vary depending on the scope of the project. We strive to create solutions that are tailored to our clients' individual needs and budgets, making our services affordable for everyone.

We are focused on providing a personal, high quality service that is tailored to their customers. We strive to build long-term relationships with our clients and provide support even after the completion of the project. We also offer additional services such as creative thinking and meta advertising that other IT companies usually cannot find.

The agency has been operating for 8 years. During these 8 years, we have helped technology companies in Slovenia and beyond.

We use a combination of strategy, data and creative thinking to ensure the success of every project. We thoroughly research the client's target market and industry to design a solution that meets their individual needs and exceeds their expectations. We also keep our clients informed throughout the project to ensure the best possible end result.

We usually ask you for some information to start the process, such as a clear statement of your goals, an estimate of your budget, and any relevant documents or materials that can give us a better insight into your project and target market.

Yes, we have experience working with international clients and have successfully completed projects for clients all over the world. We are well versed in international laws and regulations and will guide you through the entire process to ensure its success.

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