Fast innovative web development

We develop progressive web applications, online stores and mobile applications. The solutions are intended to improve work processes in the company as well as a new sales product of the company that solves a problem of your customers. 

Web application development

Web application development is coding or programming that develops the functionality of a website based on the owner’s requirements. A web application developer mainly deals with the non-design aspect of the website development process, which mainly involves coding the desired functionalities. Do you have a challenge for us?

Website development

Website development is a very similar process to web application development. Only the purpose is a little different. In principle, we want to present ourselves to the audience and the wider market with websites. You, as a company or an individual product that you manufacture. It is important to have a fast and useful website with a lot of content, as this is the only way to stay afloat day to day.

Development of mobile applications

The development of mobile applications allows a company to engage its audience with an application that will help or solve a problem for your audience. A mobile application will make you more professional in the eyes of consumers, as it will give them the impression that you take care of their holistic digital journey.

“Getting a quality website is not an expense but rather an investment.”
– Dr. Christopher Dayagdag

Development of online stores

The development of online stores is quite a similar process to the development of online applications. Only the purpose is a little different. The main purpose of the online store is to set up an additional channel for reaching the audience and an additional channel for making money. As with websites, it is very important to have a fast online store and follow the trends. That’s the only way you can stay ahead of the competition.

Development of chatbots

With the digitization of processes, many companies also decide to digitize support processes or automate some others. This is where a conversational bot or an English chatbot comes into play. The main purpose of a chatbot can be support processes or marketing automation. Some use chatbots as a new sales channel, and thus do all sales directly via Facebook Messenger. Do you want it too?

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Lease of working hours

Are you missing half a person in your project? Do you have an unfinished project that you don’t have time for? We select the most suitable agile freelancers for you, for the task you are looking for. Integrate us easily into your processes.

Case studies

Advertising campaign for the startup platform Zmartup

The impact of social advertising on obtaining start-up capital for the Austrian FinTech platform Zmartup.

 IMPRESSIONS: >3 000 000
 ROSE: 25
 FUNDED: >200.000e

Digitization of cycling routes and footpaths Visit Haloze

We will share with you how we digitized more than 700 km of tourist routes and more than 80 geopoints in Haloze and combined them into a transparent application.


Development of the Domača lekarna

How we developed a visual image that has a sense of connection with nature. The influence of brand knowledge on the consumer has been achieved.

 CPM: +17%
 LIFT RATE: +11%

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