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spletni razvoj - zakaj je pomemben
“Getting a quality website is not an expense but rather an investment.”
– Dr. Christopher Dayagdag
  • What is web application development?

    Web application development is coding or programming that develops the functionality of a website according to the owner's requirements. A web application developer is mainly involved in the non-design aspect of the web development process, which mainly involves coding the desired functionality.

  • What is web development?

    Web development is a similar process to web application development. Only the purpose is a little different. In principle, websites are about presenting yourself to your audience and to the wider market. You, as a company, or the individual product you are making. It's important to have a fast and usable website with lots of content, because that's the only way to stay afloat on the day.

  • What is mobile app development?

    Mobile app development allows a company to engage its audience with an app that will help or solve a problem for your audience. A mobile app will make you look more professional in the eyes of consumers, giving them the impression that you care about their holistic digital journey.

  • What is webshop development?

    Developing online stores is a similar process to developing web applications. Only the purpose is a little different. The main purpose of an online shop is to set up an additional channel to reach an audience and an additional channel to make money. As with websites, it is very important to have a fast online store and to follow trends. Because that's the only way to stay ahead of the competition.

  • What is the development of support bots?

    With the digitisation of processes, many companies are also choosing to digitise support processes or automate others. This is where a chatbot or chatbot in English comes into play. The main purpose of a chatbot can be support processes or marketing automation. Some people use chatbots as a new sales channel, and so do all their selling, via Facebook Messenger.

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