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Creative thinking course

8-hour virtual course in creative thinking, guided by teachings of world-renowned creative thinker Edward De Bono.

Easy-to-follow checklist tool for finding creative and innovative ideas.

BONUS: A summary of Edward De Bono’s books (Lateral Thinking, Parallel Thinking, 6 Thinking Hats)

BONUS: Free consulting for one year after the workshop.

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For whom is the course suitable?

Whether you’re a seasoned professional looking for fresh ideas or a curious soul eager to explore your creative side, this workshop is your best ticket to unlocking the potential of your imagination.

So if you are an entrepreneur looking to revolutionise your business, a marketer looking for ingenious campaigns, a writer wanting to create captivating stories, an artist yearning to be inspired, or an innovator looking for groundbreaking solutions, this workshop is for you!

Martina, UX designer

“Too cheap for what the market offers.150 euros for a webinar where you watch YouTube videos. Here’s a dedicated expert who is available for questions as soon as something gets stuck. Priceless!”

Damjan, Marketing Consultant

“I had no doubts before the course because I have known Nejc for some time from the local athletes. But somehow he exceeded expectations with his professionalism and support.”

What does the Creative Thinking course include?

1. Mind-changing techniques: immerse yourself in Edward de Bono’s revolutionary thinking tools, refined over decades, to break through mental barriers and open up new thinking pathways.

<>2. Real-world applications: explore practical applications of creative thinking in a variety of industries, ensuring that these strategies can be immediately implemented in everyday life and work.

3. Inspiring case studies: Delve into stunning case studies of renowned creative masters, learning from their successes and failures to build on your own creative endeavours.

4. Interactive collaboration: Let the lecturer guide you through the whole process. The aim is to create a stimulating environment that nurtures creativity.

5. Flood your inner innovator: Discover how to identify and seize hidden opportunities and turn challenges into stepping stones to breakthrough solutions.

Invest in knowledge

Discover the creative genius in you for just €299

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Questions about the course

With a flood of agencies offering courses, it can be very difficult to decide on the best choice. Usually the main factor is price. However, this is the first mistake a knowledge-hungry individual makes.

For a good experience and level of knowledge, it is definitely necessary to choose a course that is tailored to you and you alone. A tailor-made course that focuses on a practical approach is proven to be the best return for your investment of time and money.

The workshop is designed to be inclusive and useful for individuals of all levels of experience and backgrounds. Whether you are a seasoned professional looking to further improve your creative skills or a beginner looking to explore the world of innovative thinking, this workshop has something invaluable to offer you.

In this workshop, Edward de Bono introduces participants to a range of powerful thinking techniques that stimulate creativity and foster innovative ideas. Some of the specific techniques covered include “Six Thinking Hats”, a method that encourages parallel thinking and different perspectives, “Lateral Thinking”, a problem-solving process using indirect and unconventional approaches, “PO” (Provocative Operation) for challenging assumptions, and “PMI” (Plus, Minus, Interesting) for objectively evaluating ideas. These tools enable participants to break free from traditional thought patterns, explore new possibilities and develop a systematic approach to creative thinking in different aspects of personal and professional life.

The workshop takes place virtually over a span of 5 days of 2 school hours each.

No prior knowledge or special prerequisites are required for the virtual course. The course is designed to be accessible and useful for individuals of all backgrounds and experience levels. Whether you are a beginner exploring the world of creative thinking or an experienced individual looking to improve your existing skills, you will find valuable insights and practical tools to unlock your creative potential. All you need is an open mind, a willingness to learn and a desire to embrace new ways of thinking!

Excerpts from his 3 books Lateral thinking, Parallel Thinking, 6 Thinking Hats will be available.

By all means! The virtual course on creative thinking includes a variety of engaging practical exercises and activities to reinforce the techniques. These interactive exercises are carefully designed to give participants hands-on experience in applying creative thinking tools in real-world scenarios. Through these activities, participants will gain confidence in their creative abilities and learn how to apply these techniques effectively in their personal and professional lives.

The workshop’s focus on active learning ensures that participants not only understand the concepts, but also develop the skills to harness the full potential of their creative minds.

This course goes beyond individual creative thinking and delves into the realms of team creativity. Edward de Bono recognises the power of collective thinking and the power of different perspectives coming together to generate innovative ideas. Throughout the course, participants will explore techniques and strategies that promote effective teamwork and foster collaboration

By understanding how to harness the collective intelligence of a team, participants will be equipped not only to succeed in individual creative endeavors, but also to thrive in collaborative environments, making the workshop a comprehensive experience for individual and group creative growth.

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