What is bounce rate and what is it for?

Bounce rate is a term used in website and online shop analytics. Bounce rate represents the number of total visitors who have left a website after viewing just one page. Multiply this number by the number of total visits to the page to get the bounce rate percentage.

What is the normal bounce rate of a website?

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According to a web survey of more than 100 websites, the average rate of website visits was 49%. The highest visit rate was 90.2% and the lowest 27.33%. Most websites had a visit rate somewhere between 25% and 80%.

As a rule, a single page visit rate of 26-40% is excellent. 41-55% is about average. 56-70% is higher than average, but perhaps not cause for alarm. Anything above 80 per cent may be disappointing. Depending on the website. Blogs, news and landing pages for events may have a higher percentage.

What exactly is the effect of the percentage of visit rate?

You’re probably wondering whether or not a lower bounce rate is good for SEO optimisation and your website’s SEO score. According to Google’s Search Quality Senior, bounce rate should not affect a website’s organic position in search engines.

As mentioned, news sites tend to have a higher bounce rate of 80+%, because a reader can track down an article on a social network, open it, read what they were interested in in the article and close it. It does not make sense for Google to penalise such pages. The visit rate is not a measure of reader participation and engagement. Rather, it serves as a key performance indicator for marketers, telling us whether a user has found what they were looking for on our website.

How to improve website visit rates?

We can improve the percentage of visits we get by improving the user experience of the website as much as possible. However, to improve the user experience, we need to analyse user behaviour and set an improvement strategy. We use A/B tests to test and measure the success of the strategic versions of usage tests.

In principle, we need to make sure that the text is as readable as possible and that we don’t have invasive pop-ups that scare visitors away. To ensure that visitors read on from the page they land on, we need a trigger to take them to the next page. This could be a tempting offer or perhaps a link to a similar article where the visitor can find out more.

If you need help with website analytics or lowering the percentage of visits, we recommend contacting us.


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