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Has it ever happened to you, either on Facebook or on some website, that you had a conversation with a chatbot and at times you didn’t know whether you were talking to a person or a chatbot? Have you ever booked a place to stay and got all the information straight to your Messenger inbox using a conversational bot? Did you want to make a purchase through a dialog box, where the chatbot first obtained your preferences and later recommended a customized product? If none of the above has happened to you yet, it probably will in the near future. Ever since Facebook opened up the possibility to use different solutions in the creation of a conversational bot on their conversational platform Messenger, more and more companies are deciding to help themselves in support and sales processes with just this.



The rapid growth in popularity of chatbots

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The fact is that an individual would rather open a Facebook chat and send a message than send an e-mail or make a call. That’s why such a channel – the Messenger platform – comes in handy for advertising purposes. The percentage of open messages (open rate) on the Facebook Messenger platform can exceed 90%, which is almost impossible to exceed. The email had a similar open rate in the 90s when businesses using email marketing exploded. Nowadays, however, many people avoid e-mail marketing and prefer advertising channels with higher conversions.

Due to the automation of sales, support, and marketing processes, the chatbot industry is growing rapidly. From 2015 to 2016, the number of chatbots grew by more than 200%. With such a growing trend, we can expect the use of chatbots to be commonplace within a couple of years. Every other company will decide to improve the sales or support process in order to improve the user experience and adapt it as best as possible to the individual.


There are many ways to use it

People use chatbots in several possible ways. The most common solutions are intended for sales or support processes. In sales processes, we can adapt the shopping experience to the individual and thus choose the most suitable product or product variant for him. By purchasing such a product, the customer will be more satisfied than by purchasing their own, non-customized selection. In the case of support processes, a conversation bot can make it easier for us to read and respond to 100x answered messages. Among other things, it enables us to offer all information to a potential client in a natural form – a conversation.


Conversational bots have many advantages and will probably be a daily tool used by many companies in the future. Nevertheless, the question still arises, is a conversational bot really what we prefer compared to a real human conversation? Everyone prefers to be helped by a fellow human being because we put more hope in him for good support or simply because we are used to human help. However, we believe that it is a technology that cannot be overlooked and that conversational bots will facilitate many processes in the company. By automating several processes, even small entrepreneurs will be able to get the opportunity to run and scale their businesses like large companies.


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