What is marketing automation?

Marketing automation is a set of online tools and good practices that help an individual manage marketing processes more effectively. These processes include managing social networks, email campaigns, customer acquisition, analytics, and reports. Don’t worry, marketing automation hasn’t taken over your job and replaced you. Marketing automation is here to help you become a more effective person.

Where to start with marketing automation?

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Before you ask yourself how to get started with marketing automation, ask yourself what is taking up the most valuable time in your business. What’s that one thing you’ve done 100 times and know someone else could do it for you? Or what’s that one thing you know could be optimized if you only had one weekend to spare?Many marketers still have problems with email campaigns and their conversions. Most times the problem is that these marketers send a generic email to 10,000 addresses. And due to non-segmented bases and non-personalized content, the conversion and ROI of such campaigns are devastatingly low.In order to make the most of our mailing list, we need to send more personalized emails with content that the recipients want. You can easily segment your email list using a marketing automation tool. Such a tool would segment customers based on their behavior on our site. Let’s say that a potential buyer came to our site and looked at more than 10 items from the winter boots section. We know exactly what email to send to such a visitor – a reduced offer of winter boots. If we add a touch of personalization to the email, such as an address with the included name and a message, with which we show our care and attention, the read email will result in exactly what we want for the recipient – a potential buyer.Imagine that you are that person. You got an email the day after you reviewed all the winter boots. The email is personalized, they offer you a discount for exactly the pair you liked. Isn’t that a much better approach than a generic email with stuff you’re not interested in? Little things like these increase conversion and lead to more sales in the long run. And, of course, satisfied customers.

Is it worth investing time and money in process automation?

Marketing automation can help us become more effective people in our daily work. In addition, what is most important, it helps us take better care of customers or potential customers. And deliver them quality and personalized content exactly when they want it. With marketing automation, you can have a better overview of the entire business, as you can control each step of the process and improve it if necessary.

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