Basics of web design

An endless number of people are setting up websites today. There are various reasons for this. Many who set up a website are small business owners with innovative products and want to introduce them to the consumer market. Others set up pages for a neighbor’s friend. Having your own website means you can get in touch with potential customers who can then browse your products, buy and make a profit. Regardless of your reason for wanting to set up your website, it’s essential to know that you’ll be standing out against the rest of your competition in the market. So this means that if you want to stand out from the crowd, you will have to do a lot of work.
Basics of web design
Most web users decide within seconds whether to browse your site or leave the tab and look elsewhere. Let’s look at the key elements of web design. We will try to cover the most basic things in the article, so this article should be taken as a good resource for beginners.

Elements of web design

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Good web design equals good design in general. If you understand what makes something good in graphic design, you will be able to apply these rules to your websites. The most important elements of web design are good navigation, content quality and effective pages, working links and most importantly, good grammar and psychological triggers.

Placement of elements

The layout is the way elements are placed on the page. The layout is the foundation for images, text, navigation, etc. Many designers choose to implement their layouts with CSS stylesheets. Style sheets can also be used for elements such as fonts, colors, and other custom styles. This will ensure consistent and easy style management throughout your site. The best part about using CSS is that when you need to change something, you can easily make the change in the style sheet and the changes can be seen throughout the page. In today’s online world, it is also very important to consider responsive web design. The main purpose of responsive layout is to change the layout according to the width of the device with which we surf the page. Do not forget,


Easy navigation between different pages on your site can help readers feel comfortable and in control. Visitors can thus quickly obtain the information they want, which means that they will be happier in a relatively short time and find exactly what they were looking for on the website.

Fonts in typography

Typography is how your text looks on a web page. This is an essential element as most web pages contain large amounts of text. When thinking about design, you need to think about how the text looks on a micro level (font glyphs, font family, etc.) as well as on a macro level (positioning text blocks and adjusting the size and shape of the text). Although choosing a font sounds like a simple matter, it is certainly not so. As with anything, this requires careful consideration.

Color scheme

If you think about it, every website has a color scheme. It adds a website’s brand identity and flows onto every page and into other marketing materials. Determining your color scheme is an important step in any design, and therefore requires careful consideration here as well.

Graphics and images

Adding graphics to a website is a fun part of creating websites. As they say “a picture is worth 1,000 words” and this is also true when it comes to web design. Recently, the Internet has become a very visual medium of information. Attractive photos and graphics can really spice up your user engagement. Unlike text, it’s hard for search engines to tell what an image is if you don’t give them that information. For this reason, designers can use IMG tag attributes such as the ALT tag to include these important details. Such things are also very important for the SEO optimization of your websites. If you don’t know what it is, you can read itWe have listed the basic things that need to be taken care of and that the vast majority of beginners forget. By meeting these basic elements and putting some thought into them, your website will look professional and conversion-ready without fear. Also remember that the details are what make the product, or in our case, the website. If you need help or advice with web design, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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