What is the digital experience of your online visitors?

You have probably already come across the acronym UX or User Experience and also read somewhere that this is an important thing that we must not forget when we want to optimize a website. However, due to fear of the unknown or lack of time, you have decided that user experience is not that important to your website. You’ve got Google Analytics, maybe you’ve run A/B tests in Google Experiments, and that’s it. The website is optimized.

However, this is not quite the case. Nowadays,  user experience and digital relationships are the most important factors in increasing the sales of a website or online store. The more satisfied a web visitor is with the user experience, the faster they will progress through the sales funnel. Are you wondering how to develop a good user experience? The best way is a strategy with maximum user interaction. Users are those who visit your site, those who use it, and those for whom it is necessary to optimize the user experience. Also, it is the user who keeps you in the green by purchasing your products or services.


what is the digital experience of online visitors


What should be paid attention to in order to make the user experience as good as possible?

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Following good practices can be good to some extent. But when it becomes a complete copy without doing your own research, the latter can negatively impact your business. The best practice guidelines you have chosen must be adapted to your segment of visitors or customers. Take all theses with a grain of salt and test them on your users. Adaptation is absolutely necessary as the advice of a marketing guru in America is not necessarily correct and may not apply to your target market.

Before making assumptions about your target user segment, make sure you really know who they are and what they want. You should know your website or online store visitors like family. Therefore, it is necessary to research and learn about them in detail. The next thing to remember is that it is necessary to think about the user experience at the very beginning of the development of the GUI (ie the graphical interface or the image of the page).


Regular interaction with users is a tool for achieving goals

Regular interaction with website users is also required throughout the stages of GUI development. At this stage, you can use your team and friends to get a rough insight into user behavior. In this way, you can set tasks for users to complete. When solving, you make notes about where there were problems or what caused the user unnecessary stress. In this way, we can optimize many things already in the development phase and offer actual visitors a fairly optimized user experience from the very beginning.

An important thing in the user experience is also the feeling of home when the visitor visits the website for the first time. If we follow the design guidelines that are most often found on the web, we will be able to facilitate the desired action for the user. Due to the feeling of familiarity, the user will be able to immediately know what to do or where to look for what he wants. When he clicks on something, he will be able to anticipate what will happen in advance.
As for consistency and similarity, it is also worth noting that it is important to pay attention to consistency when advertising your brand or company on all promotional channels. When a user sees your promotion on social networks (which will of course be consistent), he will immediately know which company or brand it is. Paying attention to such things will present you as more professional in the eyes of potential customers and current users of your services or products.


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