Visual content on social networks

The Internet is saturated with all kinds of content on various topics. Whether you’re looking for information on how to best run a business or how to make the best strudel, you’re likely to quickly open Google or even ask your virtual assistant, Siri, for help.
Visual content on social networks
In recent years, the Internet has caused us an overload of information. Different companies in different niches have started implementing user behavior research and based on that, they create different types of content that help increase brand awareness, social media engagement and even increase sales. Although companies and brands are making good progress in creating content, less than 10 percent know how to do content marketing. A blog was once the main source of content, but today it is considered a somewhat primitive form. Today, the most successful type of content is definitely video, which beats the rest in the content marketing race.

Why does visual content work best?

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Although long-form text content will always have a place in the online marketing world, visual content is gaining a lot of attention and has proven to outperform written content. But why?In our digital age, we have been spoiled with the ease and accessibility of a visual, interactive device at our fingertips. As a result, our brains have actually become more dependent on visual content. In fact, about 65 percent of people who are visual learners make sense to use the types of content that people are naturally drawn to.

What types of visual content can you create?

In terms of the type of visual content you can create, the sky’s the limit. Below are some prime examples of visual content. Which one is your favorite and which one gives you the best results?Photos Videos Screenshots Infographics Images and GIFsInfographics, for example, are a great example of interactive visual content assets that have been proven to influence sales processes, according to a report from the Content Marketing Institute (CMI).
According to an article published by Forbes, more video content is uploaded online in one month than network television has produced in three decades.Forbes Inc

What is the most effective type of visual content?

In general, you can store images, record videos, create infographics and other compelling content until your heart’s content. Sure, this will help you create some beautiful visual content, but it will also likely drain your marketing and design budget.Creating and marketing different types of content will certainly grow your online audience and increase brand awareness, but different types of visual content have different returns. To avoid blowing your budgets unnecessarily, start by estimating the design and production costs of each type of visual content you want to use in your marketing strategy.The next step is to closely monitor how your visuals are performing on social media. What types of content generate the most likes, shares and clicks? You can easily do this by doing a content marketing audit, looking at your data and analytics and your social media interactions and engagement levels to see what types of content are working and what aren’t and how you can improve the quality of your visuals.If you continue with analytical audits and a/b tests of posts, you will be able to best optimize the engagement of your audience and, consequently, increase the final sales. Remember, social media pages that have a high level of audience engagement tend to be prioritized when browsing Facebook. Therefore, make it one of your key performance indicators (KPI) that you improve day by day.

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