Digitization of measurement processes

The impact of digitization of part of the manufacturing process can bring great improvements in productivity and time efficiency in the long run. We will share with you how we saved more than 700 working hours a year by digitizing the measurement processes of Ilkos doo.


Ilkos Candles case study

Ilkos Candles is a leading manufacturer of candles on the domestic market and worldwide. The vision of the company is continuous improvement of quality and production processes and a strong protective responsibility. In this case study, we took a close look at the process of digitizing measurement processes and the development of a web application. 

ilkos mobilna aplikacija

Mobile application for measurements

The mobile application has become the right hand in taking measurements and the entire testing process. The testing process includes functionalities such as recording with QR codes, live data review and quick actions. This makes checking items easier and the process faster.

Web application for presentation

The online application offers, among other things, a faster overview of measurements and a comparison between individual items. Its main task is to create a presentation of measurements and testing at any time and with only three clicks, for which previously it was a much more unpleasant and long process. 

ilkos webapp

Digitization process

Digitization every day it becomes a key part of our everyday life.  For an organization or company, this means reducing business costs, reducing time for processes that are time-consuming, but still an important part of business and, of course, improving the organization itself. In the case of Ilkos, such a process was the measurement and testing of candles, which was almost a full day’s work for someone in the company. When there was a need to present the measurements in a dedicated format, it was again necessary to invest too much time. Such a process represented  a bottleneck for the company in scaling the product line.  

Digitization would transfer the existing process to a mobile and web application, accessible anywhere. I would use the mobile application to enter the data, and the web application would serve for an easier review and comparison between the items. Of course, the online application would also allow for the preparation of a presentation of measurements, made on a consistent template, and the adjustment of individual parts of the presentation. 

Mobile and web application development

In parallel with the preparation of the graphic template of the web and mobile application based on the guidelines of the Ilkos Candles brand, we started preparing the measurement algorithms, API interface and database. Due to the large amount of edge cases, it was necessary to develop a process of testing and invalidating data,  which we successfully implemented with regular communication from the client . The guideline for creating the graphic interface was simplicity and the desire to have as few clicks as possible to reach the desired action. We wanted to optimize the process without adding complexity to the process and the need for training.

The development of the web and mobile application was possible in parallel, due to the definition of the measurement algorithms and the setting up of the API service and the database, in the phase of creating and coordinating the design of the user interface. Due to the strategic planning of resources and an agile approach, 2 applications and an API service with a database could be developed 3x faster than with a traditional approach.

The results

Digitization of repetitive processes, which contain activities that will become bottlenecks in scaling, is a necessity before a company ventures into foreign markets. Of course, any more complex project requires a lot of research and communication with the client, who has the most important information, in order to achieve optimal results. In the case of Ilkos Candles, the web and mobile application would not have an effect without knowledge of the process itself and measurement algorithms, as well as the assumptions of the process operation, which only someone from the client’s production, who performs this process, can have. 


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