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The impact of digitization of part of the manufacturing process can bring great improvements in productivity and time efficiency in the long run. We will share with you how we cooperated with the development of a system aimed at digitizing most of the production processes of the company Robotika Kogler doo

Kogler Robotics case study

Kogler Robotics has been operating on the market since 1978. Today, after decades, companies are moving towards Industry 4.0. is the dictater of market trends in individual niche solutions, as well as a modern provider of traditional machines and customer-oriented intralogistics systems.

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Digitization of production processes

Things in manufacturing are slowly moving towards technological excess, so it's great to see companies working hard to improve manufacturing standards and pave the way for new advancements.

Online application for complete production control

The online application enabled the company to have an overview of the entire production and operations. It was developed with the aim of transparency, process analysis and easy delegation of work and management of various projects.

Digitization process

Digitization every day it becomes a key part of our everyday life. For an organization or company, this means reducing business costs, reducing time for processes that are time-consuming, but still an important part of business and, of course, improving the organization itself. In the case of Ilkos, such a process was the measurement and testing of candles, which was almost a full day's work for someone in the company. When there was a need to present the measurements in a dedicated format, it was again necessary to invest too much time. Such a process is for the company  represented a bottleneck in scaling the product line.

Digitization would transfer the existing process to a mobile and web application, accessible anywhere. I would use the mobile application to enter the data, and the web application would serve for an easier review and comparison between the items. Of course, the online application would also allow for the preparation of a presentation of measurements based on a consistent template, as well as the adjustment of individual parts of the presentation.

Development of the initial application system

Developing initial systems is a crucial step in creating web applications. It is the phase in which the basic frameworks and structure of the application are formed. This includes the choice of technological tools, architecture, as well as the design of the main functionalities.

The development of front-end systems represents a key step in the creation of innovative and user-friendly web applications that have become an indispensable part of our digital age. This phase in the development of web applications carries with it tasks and decisions that form the foundations of the application and have a decisive impact on the user experience.

One of the first steps in the development of startup systems is the selection of technological tools. This includes the selection of programming languages, frameworks, libraries, and other components that will be used in building the application. The correct choice of these tools is key to the success of the project, as it affects the efficiency of development, the durability of the application, and its performance. One of the most important components of frontend development is user experience (UX) and design (UI). Quality design includes the aesthetic aspect of the application, but also functionality, usability and improving the user experience. This requires close collaboration between designers and developers, as well as careful testing with users to ensure the app is intuitive and engaging.

The development of initial systems also includes an extensive testing phase, where the operation of the application is checked and potential errors are eliminated. This includes testing on different devices, browsers, and in different usage scenarios. Careful testing is the key to ensuring the high quality of the application. In addition to testing, it is also important to pay attention to the speed and performance of the application. Users expect fast response and fast page loading. Therefore, it is necessary to optimize the code, images, and use various techniques to improve the speed of the application.

The results

Digitization of repetitive processes, which contain activities that will become bottlenecks in scaling, is a necessity before a company ventures into foreign markets. Of course, any more complex project requires a lot of research and communication with the client, who has the most important information, in order to achieve optimal results. In the case of Manufact, the online application would not have an effect without knowledge of the process itself, good practice, and the assumptions of the operation of the process, which only someone from the client's production, who performs this process, can have.

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