Development of the Domača lekarna brand

The influence of brand knowledge on the consumer was achieved during the development of this brand. We have developed a  visual image that has a sense of connection with nature. Subscription to teas with a personalized experience . 

LANDING PAGE VISITS: >3000     CPM: -17%     BRAND LIFT RATE: +30%

Case study Domača lekarna

The local pharmacy appeals to all generations with a distinct character, which is a reflection of the brand’s freshness and freedom. Through a personalized experience, they connect with customers in a human way through a mailing sequence optimized for user satisfaction.

domaca lekarna

A personalized experience

With the desire to create the best offer for customers, a personalized experience is an indispensable choice for a positive long-term relationship.

Interactive chatbot​

User satisfaction is key to your business. Satisfied customers like to buy again and recommend to their circle of people. 

Domača lekarna

Brand and visual identity​

The fundamental idea and fundamental concept related to corporate image is that everything a company does, everything it owns, and everything it produces reflects the values ​​and goals of the company as a whole. This is called a brand. Because of the brand, users of Apple devices and Windows devices are stereotypically separated. This is why people prefer BMWs to Opels. The consistency of this central idea forms a company that drives it, shows what it stands for, what it believes in and why it exists. It is not just about certain colors, certain fonts, a logo and a slogan.

In most cases, the design of the identity is based on the visual devices used in the company and are usually drawn up within defined guidelines. These guidelines, which make up the identity, usually dictate how the identity is used across different media using approved color palettes, fonts, layouts, spacing, and so on. These guidelines ensure that the company’s identity is kept consistent across advertising channels, which in turn makes the brand recognizable as a whole. 

The design of the visual identity was based on a prepared poster (moodboard) that communicates look & feel.

domaca lekarna moodboard

Development of an interactive chatbot

Ever since Facebook opened up the possibility to use different solutions in the creation of a conversational bot on their conversational platform Messenger, more and more companies are deciding to help themselves in support and sales processes with just this. The fact is that an individual would rather open a Facebook chat and send a message than send an e-mail or make a call. Due to the automation of sales, support and marketing processes, the chatbot industry is growing rapidly. With such a growing trend, we can expect the use of chatbots to be commonplace within a couple of years.

People use chatbots in several possible ways. The most common solutions are intended for sales or support processes. In the case of Domača lekarna, we developed a chatbot for use in support processes, where a chatbot can make it easier for us to read and respond to 100x answered messages. Among other things, it enables us to offer the potential customer all the information in a natural form – a conversation.

The results

Visual context helps visitors understand the content you offer on your site. Specifically, visuals help you communicate your message in detail without having to write an essay on it. Visual context is extremely important. Without visual content, the web would be a boring and at the same time a more complicated place. A lot of information that can be easily conveyed visually would need a thorough explanation and added textual content on your website.

 LANDING PAGE VISITS: >3000     CPM: -17%     BRAND LIFT RATE: +30%

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