What are the most common types of content on the web?

There are several different types of content that can be found on content-enhanced websites, online stores or online portals. You may have used a content archetype on a website and not even realised it. Why use different content types at all? See below to find out why using different content types is important and how you can make the most of them.

Why use different content types?

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We use different types because of the different objectives we have. Some content types are made to bring organic or viral traffic to the website. Some are written in such a way that they bring a sense of authority to the reader. Other archetypes are set up to e.g. support a sales funnel. So we can see that the conscious use of different types of content is very important and can help us to different sources of traffic and sustainable development of the company or brand itself.

Most common content types

A well-defined content marketing strategy and content in general is one of the most important things for the sustainable development of a company. The right content can help us drive more traffic and sales. Although many entrepreneurs are aware of the importance of good content on the web, very little of it is used in practice. The companies that have good content are those that have every aspect of their digital business well planned out.


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