Digital transformation

Because digital transformation will look different for every business, it is difficult to define a one-size-fits-all definition. However, we generally define digital transformation as the integration of digital technology into all areas of business, resulting in fundamental changes in the way business is done and how a company delivers value to customers.

Digital transformation changes the way of doing business and in some places creates completely new types of companies. With digital transformation, companies take a step back and review everything they do, from internal systems to interactions with customers both online and in person. They ask important questions like “Can we change our processes in a way that will enable better decision making, change efficiency or a better customer experience with more personalization?”

For small businesses just starting out, you don’t need to set up business processes and redesign them later. You can future proof your organization from the word go. Building a 21st century business on stickers and handwritten books is simply not sustainable.

Thinking, planning and building digitally puts you in front of the facts and forces you to be flexible and ready to grow. When companies embark on digital transformation, it is often necessary to take a step back and ask if they are really doing the right things.

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Case studies

Advertising campaign for the startup platform Zmartup​

The impact of social advertising on obtaining start-up capital for the Austrian FinTech platform Zmartup.

IMPRESSIONS: >3 000 000
ROAS: 25
FUNDED: >200.000e

Digitization of cycling routes and footpaths Visit Haloze​

We will share with you how we digitized more than 700 km of tourist routes and more than 80 geopoints in Haloze and combined them into a transparent application.


Development of the Domača lekarna brand​

How we developed a visual image that has a sense of connection with nature. The influence of brand knowledge on the consumer has been achieved.

 CPM: -17%

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